A sampler of recent articles
by Paul Jeffrey

As migrant numbers surge, Mexican Methodists offer hospitality (UMNS, 2024)

No Going Back - Women in Nepal (response, 2024)

Mexican Methodists respond to climate crisis (UMNS, 2024)

A rich poverty in Bangladesh (Maryknoll Magazine, 2023)

Celebrating 150 years of Methodism in Mexico (UMNS, 2023)

Congregation thrives in Nepal despite restrictions (UMNS, 2023)

Faith communities respond to climate crisis in Indonesia (WCC, 2023)

Standing with the women of Olongapo - Sex workers organize in the Phillipines (response, May/June 2023)

Peanut butter empowers women in the Philippines (response, May/June 2023)

Serving migrant martyrs in Taiwan (Maryknoll Magazine, 2023)

Priest in Thailand supports displaced in Myanmar (Maryknoll Magazine, 2023)

Taking the church in the Philippines to the margins (CNS, 2022)

Reflection on death of Ernesto Cardenal (NCR, 2020)

Hope shines through in South Sudan (Maryknoll Magazine, 2022)

South Sudan church leaders work for peace, but soldiers won’t listen (CNS 2021)

War against the poor in the Philippines (response, 2019)

Church creates oasis of peace in warring South Sudan (CNS, 2022)

South Sudan: Lack of progress solving nuns' murders (CNS, 2021)

Lens on Creation - a series of photos and reflections (National Catholic Reporter, 2020)

Women in India: The legacy of United Methodist Women (response, 2020)

AIDS in a time of Covid-19 (CNS, 2020)

Okinawa's long struggle against militarism (response, 2020)

Series of articles on the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, 2017

Building hope in the wake of war: Sri Lanka's war widows (response, July 2019)

History and Hope in Alaska: Changing mission on the Last Frontier (response, May 2018)

Alaska videos: Changing mission on the Last Frontier

Building peace between Japan and Korea (response, March 2017)

A place for the forgotten: South Korea's aging sex workers demand justice (response, October 2018)

Domestic work is work: Hong Kong's migrant workers (response, March 2019)

As South Sudan war drags on, churches help displaced (CNS, April 2018)

Iraqi priest rebuilds church in war-torn Mosul, hopes faithful follow (CNS, December 2018)

Philippine bishop: Duterte's drug war is illegal, immoral, and anti-poor (CNS, February 2019)

Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh may grow worse (CNS, November 2017)

Colombia is moving toward peace but challenges remain (CNS, June 2016)

South Sudanese find refuge in Cathedral (CNS in America, May 2, 2017)

In the wake of Isis, a report from Mosul (UMNS, February 6, 2017)

More than a line: Shifting policies and changing times on US-Mexico border (response, May 2017)

Leaving home to survive - A Filipina pastor empowers overseas workers (response, April 2017)

Memory and Democracy in Latin America (response, 2016)

Breaking the circle of poverty in Georgia (response, 2016)

Latin America's struggle for environmental justice (response, 2016)

Assyrian Christians in Iraq Form Militias Amid Sectarian Tensions (CNS in America, April 29, 2016)

Dominican nuns keep hope alive in northern Iraq (CNS in Crux, April 20, 2016)

One year after Nepal quake, people still await government housing help (CNS in NCR, April 19, 2016)

New president turning back the clock in Argentina? (CNS in America, Dec 17, 2015)

Room at the inn? Syrian refugees in Europe (The Christian Century, Dec 2, 2015)

Women overcoming poverty in Uganda (Response, September 2015)

Priest says situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate (CNS, July 17, 2015)

A year after war, Gazans rebuild with help from aid groups (CNS, July 17, 2015)

US Priest lives with "Suffering Christ" in UN base in South Sudan (CNS, May 2015)

Fighting for the Chaco (Response, May 2015)

Violence and poverty push families to flee Central America (Response, April 2015)

Living with disabilities in the global south (Response, February 2015)

Catholic Church workers help migrants deported from U.S., CNS January 2015)

Migrants take lead in Honduran immigration ministries (CNS,January 2015)

More disappeared on way north, more mothers in sorrow (CNS in America magazine,January 2015)

A decade after tsunami, Indonesians still wrestle with trauma (CNS, December 2014)

Aceh Catholics say Shariah expansion has had little impact on them (CNS, December 2014)

AIDS: Small Steps, Big Dreams (response, December 2014)

Living with the dead in Manila (response, October 2014)

Rebuilding Liberia (response, September 2014)

Respite from radiation - Japanese youth travel to summer camp in California (response, 2014)

Of no less worth - InterServe Community Services of St Joseph (response, May 2014)

Indian sisters nurture hope in teeming South Sudan camp (CNS in America magazine, April 2014)

South Sudan 'diocese in diaspora', CNS in America magazine, April 2014)

The Roma - an update (Response, 2014)

Hidden in Timbuktu: An Islamic legacy protected from jihadists (Christian Century, September 2013)

The Roma: Overcoming a legacy of suffering (Response, May 2013)

The Roma - a series (Response, 2013)

Out of Sight: Evictions in Serbia keep Roma at the margins (Response, 2013)

Who is Roma? In Bulgaria, rising racism provokes many to change identity (Response, 2013)

Making Change: Roma in Macedonia fight for respect (Response, 2013)

Roma children in Berlin: Amid discrimination and racism, a neighborhood church provides a safe place for kids (Response, 2013)

Cookson Hills, Oklahoma - Where God Changes People (response, November 2013)

Trouble in Paradise - Hawaii’s Susannah Wesley Community Center provides support for victims of trafficking

Helping victims become survivors - Trafficked women in the Philippines (response, January 2013)

Palestine's Facebook generation - Life for youth in Gaza (response, 2011)

Older articles (some links may no longer work)

New challenges for ministry in Alaska city (Response, 2012)

Typhoon lessons in the Philippines (ACT Alliance)

Global Land Grab (Response, 2012)

Nun red-tagged for environmental work in the Philippines (CNS, 2012)

No Longer Citizens: Statelessness in the Dominican Republic (Response, 2012)

The fight against human trafficking in Cambodia (Response, June 2010)

Iraqi refugees - the struggle to survive (Response, May 2010)

Out of the rubble - Haiti's long-term needs (Christian Century, March 2010)

Room for refugees - A Johannesburg church opens its doors (Christian Century, April 2010)

Getting Close - Photography as Mission (New World Outlook)

Honduran Bishop: Wealthy elite behind ouster of president (CNS)

Still room in the inn: Grassroots hospitality in the eastern Congo (ACT)

Church provides food, advocacy in eastern Congo (CNS)

Church AIDS works taken seriously (CNS)

Helping child soldiers in Chad (CNS)

In northern Uganda, women lead way to peace (Response May 2008)

Empowering widows in Kenya (Response)

Sri Lanka struggles three years after tsunami (UMNS December 2007)

Healing youth wounded by Colombia's war (Response)


Waiting in Darfur (Christian Century)

Secret files open window on Guatemala’s violent past (Response)

Youth with no future: Central American gangs (Response)

In troubled Colombia, villagers point way to peace (Response)

A review of Francisco Goldman's The Art of Political Murder (NCR)

The Palestinians' struggle to hope (Response)

Holy Land church leader not worried about Hamas (CNS)

Chicago church declares sanctuary for Elvira Arellano (Response)

Pakistan's women overcome fundamentalism and violence (Response)

Religious aftershocks in Pakistan (Christian Century)

From the kitchen to the cabinet: Casimira Rodriguez (Response)

Forgetting Pol Pot: Cambodia's Crisis of Memory (Christian Century)

Pakistan Quake Lessons (ACT) - Photo sampler (CWS)

The struggle to reunite families in postwar El Salvador (Response)

Gang intervention ministry in Los Angeles (Response, 2005)

Articles about Darfur (CNS)

Rape as a tool of war in Sudan (Response)

After 25 years, "Saint Romero of the World" still inspires (NCR)

Three articles about India (Response)

Sri Lanka tsunami (Christian Century)

Sri Lanka tsunami (Action by Churches Together (ACT))

Sri Lanka tsunami (CNS)

ACT dateline on disaster mitigation work after floods in northeast India

National Catholic Reporter series on church in Latin America

National Catholic Reporter article on Haiti

Water and coal mining in southeastern Kentucky (excerpt)

Water and coal mining in southeastern Kentucky (audio tracks)

Faith groups now full partners in struggle against AIDS


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